I’d be his, if he asked.

— Six Word Story (via allineedissix)

you’ll have your whiskey,
and i’ll have my wine.
we will trade sips and smiles and kisses,
laying on the floor,
laughing our way all the to the morning light.
we will talk about the past,
and the times we have missed each other.
we will talk about the present,
and how much love and promise it holds.
we will talk about the future,
and the adventures that we will go on.
you promise that i will not go through life alone,
that you will always be there,
holding my hand, making me smile,
loving me forever.
i will not be alone.
i believe you. i trust you. i love you.
you will pull me closer
until there is no space left between us.
you will kiss my forehead,
and play with my hair,
and embrace me tightly,
and we will be happy
and it will be our forever.

— (via nicole-capogna)

We brought the backwoods to Nashville tonight with Justin Moore!!

You are beautiful. Own it. Walk like your hips move mountains.

— unknown (via zeppelin-child)
this is not okay